Jennifer lives in the Eastern side of Washington, enjoying the desert heat in the summer and the snow in the winter. When she isn’t working as a Registered Nurse (her other passion), or hanging with her family, she is writing and writing – or plotting and plotting about writing.

Though she began writing when she was 11, Jennifer truly considers the best growing and writing she did was when she joined a group of people on the web. Together, they plotted worlds, made characters, and of course, made certain their lives were nothing but interesting. She is forever grateful to these writing partners, and still considers them friends.

Romance is her heart, so Jennifer is always finding ways to sneak it in to all of her writing. She is currently working on two romance projects, and planning a third – because she feels you aren’t writing unless you’re working on a dozen things at once!

Current Projects:

Claiming Harper

At 27 years old, Harper Riley is a hard-working nurse at her hometown hospital. She isn't looking for a relationship, and certainly not love. Twenty-nine year old Declan Ramsey knows what loss is. Raised by his Grandmother since age 15, the billionaire wunderkind isn't looking to get close to anyone. When his beloved Grandmother gets sick, Declan wants only the best care for her. Harper loves being a nurse, and treats all her patients exceptionally. When their paths cross, Declan finds her fascinating and infuriating. Harper thinks he's rude and demanding. Can she learn to unguard her heart? Will Declan realize love isn't ownership?

The Engagement

He's a rich, play-boy lawyer. She's a sassy, struggling wedding planner. Sparks fly when they're in the room, but they can't stand each other.  At 25, Emme Dalton is struggling to build her wedding planner business, much to the displeasure of her family.  Alexander Bishop is a top-rated lawyer. At 27, he's young, hot and soon to make junior partner. The only problem? He needs to clean up his image, and fast. Emme isn't about to marry Alex. But she wonders, would it really be so bad to marry someone who promises they can live separate lives? Especially when both of them get what they want out of the deal?


Izz & Aaron

The two loves of her life, her wonderful children. Aaron is a smart, amazingly talented boy who loves to write too. Jen hopes he follows through with his dream. Izzy is a spunky, energetic girl who will do big things someday – Jen is certain.


Jen & Bill

The other love of her life, her soulmate and husband. Bill is her biggest support and understands writing is her second job. She can’t imagine a life without him in it, and is grateful everyday for his love and companionship.


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