ellen veronika grant

Ellen lives in the land of rain and more rain, also known as Southwest Washington. She spends most of her days having a lot of intense feelings about fictional people, and then turning around and writing about them until her fingers want to fall off. She often jokes that she has too much blood in her coffee stream, and has been known to sacrifice sleep for midnight releases -- of books and movies.

She believes in being kind and writing the stories you want to read in the world, and she often discusses plot ideas with her lazy cat, who gives very good feedback on a regular basis.

She can't remember a time that she wasn't writing stories, but the first time she started sharing them was when she was nine years old - a time she remembers vividly, because she joined an online writer's community and made friends there that she has to this day.

As an open and proud queer woman, much of Ellen's fiction focuses on queer characters and telling stories that include them, spotlight their life experiences, and celebrate them for the beautiful people they are.

Current Project - It's the Catch

Contemporary Romance. A story about a lifelong love and coming out to family and friends, and how sometimes you have to risk the jump even if you don't know if you're going to get caught. 

At the bottom of the stack of mail were two crisp, neat envelopes, and Heath nearly sloshed his coffee over his hand in his excitement when he flipped to them. His enthusiasm didn’t dim even though he’d helped Ashlynn pick out the invitations and knew exactly what they’d look like, because they’d finally arrived, and it was a different feeling entirely to hold the finished product in his hands. He hadn’t come from money and fame like most of his friends, and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t secretly smug to have been invited to the upcoming celebrity wedding.

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