Character Commissions

Original characters designed just for you!

You can use them however you want. You can write books about them, you can roleplay with them, you can commission art of them and never write a word about them - they're all yours, and what you do with them is what you want to. 

Different packages are available.

Do you just want an OC, mostly dealer's choice? Cool, let me run wild. If you want more input, depending on how specific you need me to be (ie how much background research I need to do to make this work) you may want one of the pricier packages. If you want a protagonist and a setting to plop them in, well, that's a service I will eventually offer too, because nothing's more fun than world building. 

Check out the packages below!

Click the purple boxes with prices on them below each mini description to get more information.


Original character, Ellen's design


If you just want a new OC and you're not sure what you want or where you want to plop them, this is the package for you.

Original character, your input


You'll send me a form with your basic ideas, I'll whip up a character, and we'll workshop it back and forth a few times. Up to two revisions are available with this package.

Workshop a character


Already have an OC but you want something different for them? Up to two back and forth sessions are available to get your character where you want them to be.

World building, basic package


A custom-created setting for you (you specify whether it's a city, country, kingdom, planet, etc) with a basic overview. You'll be able to drop characters right in it and let them shape it as you go!


Character Examples


Example packages of what you'll get, whether with an OC of my design or one with your input. The amount of depth put in the character is the same, the process is just different!


World Building Example


Example of what you will get with a world building package from me. 


Ready to order?

Choose your package and shoot me an e-mail! Forms are provided on each page and I'm happy to answer questions if you've got them.

Payment is accepted via PayPal only at this time. You will be sent an invoice once we agree on your commission and the schedule for having it delivered to you.

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